Face-to-Face Training

Our diversity and inclusion specialists are experienced at running tailored workshops for employees at all levels of organisations. The workshops have a sound research base but focus on practical actions that participants can take following each workshop to address the key learning points.

Workshops can be adapted for different employee populations (for example Leadership Teams, HR Business Partners) and use either written case studies, video case studies or role plays with actors to bring the key points to life. Our on-line questionnaires will help you to understand the impact of the workshops and track behavioural and cultural change. Train the Trainer workshops enable organisations to upskill key people to deliver our workshops to large and/or dispersed employee populations.

As well as face-to-face workshops we also produce eLearning courses on a wide range of diversity and inclusion topics.


Key themes for our workshops:

Unconscious Bias

Understanding unconscious bias, and the impact it can have on people decisions made in your organisation, is vitally important. Our workshops help employees understand what the main types of bias are and how they can affect decisions made at all stages of the employee lifecycle. As well as illustrating common biases, a key focus of our workshops is equipping participants with tools and techniques to understand their own risk areas and to control and manage bias.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Creating an inclusive culture gives organisations a real competitive advantage. When we talk about a culture of inclusion we mean an organisational environment that allows people with multiple backgrounds, mindsets and ways of thinking to work effectively together and to perform to their highest potential in order to achieve organisational objectives. Different voices are respected and heard, diverse viewpoints, perspectives and approaches are valued and everyone is encouraged to make a unique and meaningful contribution. This workshop outlines some of the main barriers to an inclusive culture (such as Groupthink, unconscious bias, and in-groups / out-groups) and introduces some practical steps participants can take to increase inclusion and therefore realise the benefits of greater productivity, higher engagement and a more motivated workforce.

Dignity at Work

Bullying and harassment have serious consequences for organisations and individuals. This workshop provides participants with information about the legislative context, the business case for dealing with bullying and harassment and valuable information about what constitutes unacceptable behaviour. Participants will discuss and learn ways to spot harassment and how to effectively challenge the behaviour of others.


Diversity Audits


Our Diversity and Inclusion Specialists are able to carry out a full audit of your current policies, processes and also employee perceptions using a combination of our innovative questionnaires and face-to-face interviews and/or focus groups. A detailed report is produced to highlight good practice and also any gaps and potential risk areas. Detailed recommendations are given for how to address any areas of concern.


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