Diversity is a lifecycle...

Our Approach

This website has been built to provide a general overview of the great{with}diversity practice and we hope it is a useful starting point. However, in our experience of matters relating to diversity and inclusion we really need a conversation to understand your vision, the challenges and opportunities. This might take the form of a call, a meeting or an exchange of emails – whatever feels most comfortable for you. Whatever you decide you will find us approachable, candid and happy to work at your pace.

Our approach is data driven. We strongly believe in developing a robust understanding before recommending interventions - intuition and “feel” are important of course, but we just like to use "belt and braces".

We have developed a suite of D&I Analytics to support your work and our full lifecycle approach is unique. Our questionnaires provide an invaluable measure of how diversity pervades through your organisation and what that really means 'at the coalface'. It starts with candidate profiles - attracting and selecting individuals who share your organisation's values around diversity and inclusion. Beyond that, we offer questionnaires to measure and manage people's perceptions and experiences of diversity and inclusion once on board. Our D&I Analytics are designed in such a way that all questionnaires can be used independently or in combination. All of these services can be customised.

Alternatively you may want to gather feedback on specific issues – we can take you from the idea right through the process of design, delivery, reporting and supporting interventions with our experienced consultancy team.

Where you start and what that looks like is your choice.


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