Existing Employees

Designed for use across the organisation or within targeted groups, our assessment for existing employees provides an objective audit on how diversity and inclusion is being lived within the organisation. The questionnaire examines perceived organisational commitment, behaviour, meritocracy, and how important individuals feel diversity and inclusion is to them and the organisation.

Feedback is gathered anonymously - helping you to understand the impact of your diversity and inclusion initiatives on specific target groups.

D&I Lifecycle Stage


Target Group

Existing employees.


Detailed diversity profile (age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability) of your organisation.

Organisational Commitment

Openness & Transparency - the extent to which the organisation is clear about its approach and commitment to diversity & inclusion.

Personal Experience - extent to which the organisation properly positions and manages employees’ expectations of diversity & inclusion.

Organisational Support - the extent to which employees feel they have the necessary support to be themselves.

Policies - the visibility, accessibility and application of the organisation’s diversity & inclusion policies.

Personal Focus - the importance individual employees actually place on diversity & inclusion when considering working for an organisation.

My Experience

Behaviour - how people feel they are treated by colleagues and managers, and the extent to which they can express their views and beliefs.

Meritocracy - the extent to which people feel they are treated fairly and equitably by the organisation, irrespective of who they are.


Group-based strategic reporting segmented by demographic variables and the diversity profile of your organisation. Benchmarking available.


Fully customisable to meet your needs.


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