Candidate Experience

The very first stage in developing a diverse workforce is being able to attract and recruit the right mix of people. Assuming you are attracting a diverse range of applications, how effective are your recruitment processes? At some stage are you losing the very people you are trying so hard to engage with?

We gather anonymous feedback from everyone who applies to your organisation and track them through the various stages of your recruitment process - helping you to understand the impact of your recruitment processes on specific target groups; particularly important for those who actively decided against joining your organisation.

D&I Lifecycle Stage

Attraction and Recruitment.

Target Groups

Anyone who has applied for a role in your organisation, whether they were successful in joining or not, and those rejecting the chance to work in your applicants.


Detailed diversity profile (age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability) of your organisation.

Recruitment Experience Overall Score.

Brand Impact of Recruitment Process.

Importance and Experience of Diversity & Inclusion

Importance - the actual importance of diversity & inclusion to the applicant group.

Experience - the experience of diversity & inclusion of the applicant group during the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process

Source & Attract - candidate experience during the early stages of the recruitment process.

Apply & Assess- candidate experience through the assessment and final stages of the recruitment process.


Group based reporting segmented by demographic variables and the diversity profile of the applicants.


Fully customisable to meet your needs.

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