Our Situational Judgment Assessment is designed to assess an individual’s awareness of and reaction to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Participants are presented with a range of workplace scenarios where the behaviour of others is inappropriate. The participant is asked to choose their preferred course of action and which action they are least likely to adopt.

D&I Lifecycle Stage

Attraction/Recruitment; Learning & Development

Target Groups

This questionnaire can be used to support learning and development programs within organisations and also has an application in the recruitment process for monitoring the attitudes of people attracted to your organisation.


  • Understanding of D&I within an occupational setting
  • Attitudes towards:
    • Ethnicity
    • Gender
    • Sexuality
    • Disability
    • Age
    • Physical difference
    • Religion
  • Likely coping styles.


Individual Personal Feedback Reports (when used in recruitment or self-assessment only the candidate sees the results).

Group based reporting segmented by demographic variables allows a true understanding of the attitudes of those currently employed and those attracted to your orgainsation.


The situational test has undergone full psychometric development and testing, However, bespoke versions are very possible with scenarios specific to your organisation. Video based scenarios and assessments which provide increased situational context are also possible. A standardised video version is coming in 2016.


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